voiceObject Test

1 May ’14By JesseBlog

So, I’m working on this OpenFrameworks project for Andrea Young’s DMA recital. I’ve been just mocking up parameter input in Max, but I finally got some real output from her system and I’m liking the results. Here’s a screen cap of one of the looks: I’m really happy with the direction it’s going, especially the … Read More

Paving the Cowpaths

1 May ’14By JesseBlog

I finished a 15-page essay today about user-oriented design. I propose that historically, there are two approaches to involving the end user in the design process, either by using techniques that engage them in dialogue early in the process, or being flexible enough to allow the users to design it themselves as they use it. … Read More

Cults Presentation and Potential Expansion

29 Apr ’14By JesseBlog

As I mentioned in the last post, I presented my groups’ final presentation for video 1, which was a site-specific installation / performance exploring the allure and potential of organized spirituality. It began by leading the audience past monitors on the ground, playing what appears to be a live feed of the Leader. By following … Read More

Cult Project, Final Round

28 Apr ’14By JesseBlog

Today, we’re presenting the final revision of my video group’s untitled cult project. We’ve expanded it, made progression through it self-determined, added a mystical glowing baptismal bowl and a couple other tricks. Most importantly, we’ve made a move away from demanding a narrative from each element. It’s becoming much more lyrical and settling into a … Read More

Summer Planning

27 Apr ’14By JesseBlog

Spent some time this morning trying to figure out my summer plans. It’s looking like Russia is going to be unfeasible and everywhere else is pretty expensive. Probably just going to do a week in Amsterdam after, not a bad plan b, right? I’ll be looking for suggestions if anyone reading this has any tips … Read More


27 Apr ’14By JesseBlog

Working on a particle system for Andrea Young’s recital. Very much still in process, but they’re gravitating to different attractors that determine their color. The closer they are to the attractor, the more of its color they pick up. Eventually, the colors will be better coordinated and you won’t be able to see the attractors, … Read More

Sontag: Reborn Nominated for Drama Desk Award

25 Apr ’14By JesseBlog

I’m very happy to announce that the Builders’ Association’s Sontag:Reborn has been nominated for a Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Projection Design! I was fortunate enough to be the Associate Designer on the project and am extremely proud of it. Congratulations to Austin Switser, designer on the project, and everyone else who made it happen! … Read More

Confession Tent is Up!

24 Apr ’14By JesseBlog

For a class last semester, a group of students and I created an installation that collected “confessions” of students, each of whom answered the question, “How do you reconcile the cost of your experience at CalArts?” Originally, we installed the responses on phones in the hallway next to the administrative offices, next to a handset … Read More

Twitchy Cylinders

23 Apr ’14By JesseBlog

Taking a break from the essays I have to write this morning to work on visuals for Andrea Young’s recital. Added some cylinders, distorted with noise based on multiple singers to compliment Andrea’s main distorted geometry. This may be a little hard to understand at the moment, but it’s all I can write right now. … Read More

Video for Performance Installation

23 Apr ’14By JesseBlog

Yesterday, my group presented the current state of a project we’re working on for our video in live performance class. It’s a site-specific performance exploring the seduction of cults and our relationship to power. We had a visit from the incredible director, Katy Alexander, who was able to take this snapshot of the final scene.

New Website!

23 Apr ’14By JesseBlog

Hello avid fans– You may have noticed there are some big changes around here. I’m fixing up my portfolio to bring it more in line with my current work. I’m hoping to blog more regularly, too. I say that every two years or so, but I think I mean it this time. Anyhow, keep on the … Read More