As I mentioned in the last post, I presented my groups’ final presentation for video 1, which was a site-specific installation / performance exploring the allure and potential of organized spirituality. It began by leading the audience past monitors on the ground, playing what appears to be a live feed of the Leader. By following the cables leading from there, the audience discovered the camera set up to film her, as well as a canvas filled with a documentation of cults in the real world. The Leader herself is discovered wandering around the space, chanting and performing small rituals. The audience slowly began to find keys labelled with their names and a mysterious box. One lucky participant’s key fit the box and she was selected for a sparkly baptism and ascension via elevator. It went really well- a big crowd and great feedback- I really appreciate everyone who came!

It seems like I and the other collaborators want to take it further- perhaps with a more complete production next semester. One of the audience members suggested an abandoned church in Silverlake… Expect great things.