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influentialBody was a dance project for which I designed projections. Working with choreographer Andrea Gise, I combined prerecorded video, animation, interactive content and live feeds into a multichannel projection in which the dancers were able to move. The piece explored the relationship between the physical and digital body. To expand on this, I explored the idea of gestural input, the glitch, and the scanner. Dancers wore accelerometers which generated audio to accompany Andreas Levisianos's haunting score, and I used the data they generated to power certain visuals throughout. I also took prerecorded video of the dancers and datamoshed it, folding the content back upon itself, removing key bits and subverting the power of the digital facsimile. Throughout the piece, I incorporated a reccuring image of a white bar, scanning the dancers on stage again and again, hinting at the idea of the scanner: the border between physical and digital.