Murmuration is a 40-minute multimedia performance inspired by string theory and the idea that every component of the universe is at once infinitely small, infinitely large, and infinitely complex. The performance takes place in a responsive environment in which audio data is collected in real time and used as a set of dynamic controls for the live electronics and real-time video projection. The work explores the idea that every object and every interaction is simultaneously itself and everything elseā€”an aggregate or amalgam of everything from sub-atomic particles and imperceptible vibrations, to the farthest corners of the cosmos, and the constant passing of time.

I used OpenFrameworks to create audio-responsive visuals which I combined with images of chemical reactions and other microscopic imagery. I developed content to reflect the different sections of the 40-minute piece, giving each a unique feel based on which performers were generating the most interesting data. I mapped the resulting visuals onto the set, a series of geometric shapes hovering over the performance space.