I worked with Fake Love to develop Twitter Timeline, an interactive installation at the new Twitter headquarters in San Fransisco. Commissioned by Twitter to create a piece that celebrated their 7-year history, we designed a series of 3D-printed objects that rested on a plinth in front of the text "#NOW," extruded from the wall. Viewers were invited to lift the objects from the plinth, at which point, the wall in front of them would explode into life, displaying tweets and media related to the moment the lifted object represents, as well as animating the text at the center of the wall. The final object was a functional clock that, when lifted, displayed real-time trending tweets and media.

My role in this was to develop the interaction and back-end for the installation. I handled the connection to the sensors detecting sculpture motion, triggering animation and media management. The particle system was created by Jason Levine and development was overseen by Blair Neal.