Spring Event Visuals

This is an edit I made for the audiovisual extravaganza that was the finale of CalArts’ Spring Event 2014. This video, music and lights were all synced over timecode and MIDI. I was able to add some other hits and tweaks live with my OSC iPad controller. The animation is almost entirely Beeple, but there … Read More

We Are CLR

To publicize CLR, a zoo habitat design firm, Arbuckle Industries produced a short documentary about the firm’s architects and designers, as well as this short companion piece. I animated and edited.


Multi-media artist Yara Traveiso was hired to produce a companion piece to a fashion photo shoot in the Hamptons. To avoid a clichĂ©d fashion film, she decided to draw inspiration from futurist collectives from the 60’s and turn the house in the Hamptons into a sci-fi landscape. I edited and animated.

All This Joy

I was approached by Matt Singer for his first music video. Along with the incredible work and tireless efforts of builder and puppeteer, Melissa Creighton, we brought an embodiment of joy and the creative process to life. All This Joy premiered online, was screened at the BAM Puppets on Film Festival and is now touring … Read More


The Hayes Brothers, a photography and design duo, hired me to assist them in their move to motion. After shooting high frame-rate 2K and 4K footage, we combined their still post-processing techniques with my After Effects experience to make what they dubbed, “a fashion story.”