Back 2 School

15 Oct ’14By JesseBlog

Well, summer is over and another year of grad school has begun. This year already has a completely different feeling than last year. Not only do I know what to expect, but I had much more freedom in choosing my classes, and I picked some great ones. First off, Visual Literacy, taught by Gail Swanlund, … Read More

Grad School, Year 1: Reflections

19 May ’14By JesseBlog

So, I finished my first year of grad school. It’s hard to believe it’s over. It’s been quite a year, for a number of reasons, exciting at times, challenging at others, enlightening at others. I’ve met some incredible people, seen some fantastic work and learned a lot about myself and my process. Grad school hasn’t … Read More

Cult Project, Final Round

28 Apr ’14By JesseBlog

Today, we’re presenting the final revision of my video group’s untitled cult project. We’ve expanded it, made progression through it self-determined, added a mystical glowing baptismal bowl and a couple other tricks. Most importantly, we’ve made a move away from demanding a narrative from each element. It’s becoming much more lyrical and settling into a … Read More

Confession Tent is Up!

24 Apr ’14By JesseBlog

For a class last semester, a group of students and I created an installation that collected “confessions” of students, each of whom answered the question, “How do you reconcile the cost of your experience at CalArts?” Originally, we installed the responses on phones in the hallway next to the administrative offices, next to a handset … Read More