Elements of Oz, Etc.

4 Jul ’14By JesseBlog

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. It’s hard working in an office all the time! That said, some exciting things have been happening. Not only have things been moving forward at FakeLove (I’m still playing with some really cool toys), but I worked with The Builders Association last week workshopping a new show, tentatively … Read More

voiceObject Test

1 May ’14By JesseBlog

So, I’m working on this OpenFrameworks project for Andrea Young’s DMA recital. I’ve been just mocking up parameter input in Max, but I finally got some real output from her system and I’m liking the results. Here’s a screen cap of one of the looks: I’m really happy with the direction it’s going, especially the … Read More


27 Apr ’14By JesseBlog

Working on a particle system for Andrea Young’s recital. Very much still in process, but they’re gravitating to different attractors that determine their color. The closer they are to the attractor, the more of its color they pick up. Eventually, the colors will be better coordinated and you won’t be able to see the attractors, … Read More

Twitchy Cylinders

23 Apr ’14By JesseBlog

Taking a break from the essays I have to write this morning to work on visuals for Andrea Young’s recital. Added some cylinders, distorted with noise based on multiple singers to compliment Andrea’s main distorted geometry. This may be a little hard to understand at the moment, but it’s all I can write right now. … Read More