I am currently several thousand feet above the Atlantic, full of Hägen-Daz and sipping on complimentary cognac. Somehow, I got bumped up to Business Class for the longest leg of my trip to Helsinki. And, apparently, Business Class is something Lufthansa takes very seriously, and has forever ruined economy air travel for me. The seats are massive, almost completely recline, have plenty of leg room, a giant fold-out table and come with complimentary toiletries, water and snacks. Oh, and they have a built-in massage function. They greet you before take-off with champaign and keep you well-libated throughout the trip (at least so far- I’m tempted to see how far I can take it). And the food! You have your choice of options in a three-course meal: seared scallops, charcuterie platter with wild rice, or marinated feta to start, shrimp and bass, steak, spinach or artichoke ravioli as an entree, savory cheese platter, fruit cup or dulce de leche ice cream for dessert. And as much as you’d like to drink. It’s a different world. I think even the flight attendants are better. I don’t deserve any of this.

Sidebar: the single-serving friend next to whom I’m sitting is off to Turkey for work. He makes UAVs. He explained the difference between UAVs and drones. Drones are a specific type of UAV used only for target practice. Take that, media!

It’s such an incredible way to start this trip to Helsinki– I was in such a funk the last few weeks without anything to do, just waiting to leave and preparing for the next thing to happen. It finally sunk in yesterday that this thing I’d talked about in vague terms was actually happening. And today, as if to assuage my nerves, I get this unexpected present. I think this summer is going to be okay.

First, I’m headed to Helsinki to help tech Emilie, a relatively new opera about an underrated mathematician and astronomer. The schedule leaves no room for fun, but it’s worth it. It’s a good show and it’s the only reason I get to do this trip. Then it’s off to Amsterdam to explore and vacation. I’m very excited to explore the art and music scenes, maybe try to catch some shows, maybe take a day trip or two out of town– Bruges, perhaps? And then it’s straight to New York. I’m excited to start my internship at Fake Love. I never thought I’d be an intern again, but I’m very excited for the opportunity to work with these guys. They do incredible work and I think I can learn a lot there. I’m hoping to pick up as much freelance work as I can on the side. The internship is paid, but I doubt it’s enough to survive on. Or repay my anticipated debt from Amsterdam.

Most importantly, I’m so glad to be gaining some momentum out of Santa Clarita. I’ve been going a little stir crazy at home and it’s great to feel that this summer is actually happening and not just something I’ve been telling people.