So, now that I’m done with school for the semester, I’m finding myself with a considerable amount of time on my hands. You can only watch so much House before you get restless. I’ve been meaning to learn Unity for a while now, I even bought a book recommended by a teacher at school, Beginning 3D Game Development with Unity 4 by Sue Blackman. I meant to do an independent study this semester, but the teacher was never available. So, now, with all of this time, I’ve decided to go for it again! I’m doing two chapters a day, which means I should be through the whole book in about ten days!

So far, they’ve gone through the basics: GUI, game objects, basic scripting, terrain generation (actually pretty neat) and navigation and basic controls. The book is ok– not terribly well-written in the descriptive sections and my copy is falling apart (even though I got it new), but the lessons are clear and concise.

More to come soon!