Singapore, Goya

24 Aug ’14By JesseBlog

So, I was fortunate enough to be hired as the assistant on “Facing Goya,” a new opera about genes, craniology, eugenics and cloning. The opera premiered at the Spoleto festival earlier this year, and travelled to Singapore as a part of the Singapore International Festival of the Arts. This meant I got to go with … Read More

Jesse’s Guide to Amsterdam

19 Jun ’14By JesseBlog 3 Comments

What a week. After finishing up teching Emilie, I caught an early flight to Amsterdam via Munich and had a week of honest-to-god vacation. I was hesitant about staying there because I’ve always sort of pictured it as the Las Vegas of Europe. With the lax drug laws, the legendary Red Light District and the … Read More

Helsinki, Here I Come!

1 Jun ’14By JesseBlog

I am currently several thousand feet above the Atlantic, full of Hägen-Daz and sipping on complimentary cognac. Somehow, I got bumped up to Business Class for the longest leg of my trip to Helsinki. And, apparently, Business Class is something Lufthansa takes very seriously, and has forever ruined economy air travel for me. The seats … Read More