Lock & Key

Lock and Key was a dance thesis directed and choreographed by Sophia Stoller. The piece explored containment, entrapment, control and protection. I developed my video design that responded conceptually as well as in real-time to the action on stage. Using a combination of prerecorded content, live infrared camera feeds and generative visuals, I illuminated the … Read More


Directed and choreographed by Leslie Scott, Thread was a contemporary dance piece inspired by Ariadne and the Minotaur. Dissatisfied with her previous designer, Scott brought me on board to redesign the show for its remounting at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. I took the image of the thread leading the way though the labyrinth, paired it … Read More


Asylum, created by Only Child Aerial Theater, was a piece that blended the art of aerial with a narrative performance about the lives of patients in a mental institution. Live music, rope, strap, silk work and movement theater painted a picture of the history of a building and its inhabitants. I used an overhead projector … Read More


Murmuration is a 40-minute multimedia performance inspired by string theory and the idea that every component of the universe is at once infinitely small, infinitely large, and infinitely complex. The performance takes place in a responsive environment in which audio data is collected in real time and used as a set of dynamic controls for … Read More

Most Famous Mixtape

Most Famous Mixtape was Leslie Scott’s dance thesis project, but it was far from a typical dance performance. It fluidly combined text, movement and imagery in a 50-minute whirlwind of nostalgia, yearning and existential crises. The took the Voyager probes as a launching point to ask the question, “how would we create a capsule that … Read More

Influential Body

influentialBody was a dance project for which I designed projections. Working with choreographer Andrea Gise, I combined prerecorded video, animation, interactive content and live feeds into a multichannel projection in which the dancers were able to move. The piece explored the relationship between the physical and digital body. To expand on this, I explored the … Read More