The Glass Mountain

The Glass Mountain was a new interpretation of a Polish adaptation of a Norwegian fairy tale. A metaphor for the unsustainability of capitalism, the show depicted a world revolving around an inevitably fatal race up a giant glass mountain. I developed a video design that explored the relationship between constructed and internalized ideology. I used … Read More

Elements of Oz

Elements of Oz was The Builders Association’s deconstruction of the landmark film and cultural touchstone, The Wizard of Oz. Taking the film’s technological spectacle as inspiration, we decided to include a spectacle of our own, augmented reality. I designed and developed a companion app for the show that provided the audience another layer of their … Read More


Asylum, created by Only Child Aerial Theater, was a piece that blended the art of aerial with a narrative performance about the lives of patients in a mental institution. Live music, rope, strap, silk work and movement theater painted a picture of the history of a building and its inhabitants. I used an overhead projector … Read More

Paradise by Design

Paradise by Design (Paradiso Diseñado) was a new play written by David Guitan and directed by Martín Acosta. It set itself in the moments between life and death and questioned the limits of perception and the power of ideology. The scenic design was grounded in the idea of the magical emerging from the banal, which … Read More

Francesca, Francesca

Francesca, Francesca, directed by Megan Lewicki and written by Chelsea DuVall, premiered at the 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Based on the life of the photographer Francesca Woodman, the play investigated her relationship, creative and otherwise, with her collaborator and friend, Sloan Rankin.To bring Francesca’s world to life, I worked with the director to recreate some … Read More

Most Famous Mixtape

Most Famous Mixtape was Leslie Scott’s dance thesis project, but it was far from a typical dance performance. It fluidly combined text, movement and imagery in a 50-minute whirlwind of nostalgia, yearning and existential crises. The took the Voyager probes as a launching point to ask the question, “how would we create a capsule that … Read More

Look Back In

I video-designed this deconstruction of John Osborne’s Look Back In Anger by the fantastic production company, Sister Sylvester. Directed by Kathryn Hamilton, the piece took the underlying themes and imagery of the original and split the text open. Video played an integral role, as one of the central themes was the way media changes the … Read More

Leave the Balcony Open

Leave the Balcony Open is a meditation on a tragedy on a college campus. To cope, the characters drink, party and scream into a hole they call “the end of the world.” The set took on the state of their psyches, the ruins after an explosion. The chorus of this tragedy was represented by projected … Read More

On the Nature of Time

As a part of the sci-fi triptych “There Will Come Soft Rains” in the New York Fringe Festival, “On the Nature of Time” was a one-man twenty-minute show about the perils of time travel, in which I both performed and designed with the assistance of Spencer Russell. We captured footage of me, subtracted the background … Read More