Monuments of Being

Monuments of Being is a virtual reality experience that invites the viewer to question their relationship to their mortality and physical existence. The viewer is introduced to a liminal afterlife space filled with fragmented floating forms. A guide leads them into their new environment and in rediscovering their physical form. Slowly, the viewer’s form begins … Read More

The Woods

  The Woods is an interactive light and shadow installation that invites the viewer to consider their physical and symbolic relationship with the forest. Viewers walk through a knee-high forest of twigs as moving LED lights automatically illuminate their path.As the audience wanders through this artificial forest, an infrared camera tracks their bodies and moves … Read More


newsPrint is an artifact from a bygone future: a repurposed dot-matrix printer, printing out tweets from the most popular newspapers around the world. As it prints lines of text and imagery, the paper rises by way of unseen forces forty feet into the air. newsPrint invites the audience to reflect on their relationship to world … Read More


CRISPR is a response to new advances in genetic engineering that allow selective gene modification. My collaborators and I created a motorized zoetrope-like device with die-cut patterns inspired by DNA electrophoresis. Around this paper cylinder, we attached a series of LEDs, animated with a number of semi-random patterns. As the paper rotated, the lights cast shadows … Read More

Lock & Key

Lock and Key was a dance thesis directed and choreographed by Sophia Stoller. The piece explored containment, entrapment, control and protection. I developed my video design that responded conceptually as well as in real-time to the action on stage. Using a combination of prerecorded content, live infrared camera feeds and generative visuals, I illuminated the … Read More

Know Way Out

Know Way Out was a journalism conference hosted by the Joongang Media Group in Seoul. It brought speakers from around the world to discuss the future of the industry. They brought me on board to create custom real-time effects to enliven their image magnification system. I used OpenFrameworks to create several custom looks that matched … Read More

Twitter Timeline

I worked with Fake Love to develop Twitter Timeline, an interactive installation at the new Twitter headquarters in San Fransisco. Commissioned by Twitter to create a piece that celebrated their 7-year history, we designed a series of 3D-printed objects that rested on a plinth in front of the text “#NOW,” extruded from the wall. Viewers … Read More

Elements of Oz

Elements of Oz was The Builders Association’s deconstruction of the landmark film and cultural touchstone, The Wizard of Oz. Taking the film’s technological spectacle as inspiration, we decided to include a spectacle of our own, augmented reality. I designed and developed a companion app for the show that provided the audience another layer of their … Read More

Or, Aurora

Or, Aurora is an interactive audio-visual installation that investigates our changing relationship with natural phenomena. Set up in an enclosed corner of the gallery, it presents the viewer with a set of stones and electronic components. Several of the stones have been equipped with electronics (digital magnetometers and microcrontrollers) that detect their orientation. As the … Read More


Murmuration is a 40-minute multimedia performance inspired by string theory and the idea that every component of the universe is at once infinitely small, infinitely large, and infinitely complex. The performance takes place in a responsive environment in which audio data is collected in real time and used as a set of dynamic controls for … Read More

Hyperballad Wall

I programmed a wall of LEDs that recreated an iconic image from Björk and Michel Gondry’s Hyperballad music video for MoMA’s retrospective on the singer’s work. Custom Processing sketch with control over OSC via Duration. Hardware by  Neal Wilkinson, assistance from Blair Neal and David Lubin.

Most Famous Mixtape

Most Famous Mixtape was Leslie Scott’s dance thesis project, but it was far from a typical dance performance. It fluidly combined text, movement and imagery in a 50-minute whirlwind of nostalgia, yearning and existential crises. The took the Voyager probes as a launching point to ask the question, “how would we create a capsule that … Read More